Urban Picnic Street Photography is a high quality resource for street photographers and everyone interested in photography based on a street theme. This site strives for excellence in street photography.

Submissions to this website are curated to keep standards high and this page is a submission guide for you to know how to get your images published on UPSP.


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  • You can also post to the UPSP Flickr Group page. If successful you may be asked to feature the image on UPSP.
  • You can post to the UPSP Tumblr page. If successful you may be asked to feature the image on UPSP.

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Update 2018

The Urban Picnic Street Photography project has been running since 2012. Our passion is to offer a high quality resource for street photographers, inspire others to reach these high standards and promote the best in contemporary street photography.

One of the issues we face is managing profile and photo submissions. Our aim is to showcase the best in street photography but without some parameters we are in danger of diluting the standard of work held on the UPSP website. With this in mind we have set the standards high. Photos submitted to UPSP that fall within the broad criteria of street will be curated by the editors and if deemed a high enough standard will be published in the Street Photography ‘Image Pool.

From the ‘Image Pool‘ the editors will decide which images go on to become published in the Street Photography and Featured sections. This helps define better what we consider to be great street photography. We’ll continue to publish these featured images across social networks. The image pool will be available to view and, more importantly. Although not a prerequisite to uploading we encourage photographers to discuss each others’ work. We feel this will help everyone understand better street photography as a genre.


New Features 2018

As you will have noticed there has been some feature changes and technology upgrades this year.

  • New Membership levels to acknowledge those that have uploaded great images.
  • Membership Awards
  • Activity wall
  • Tight security and GDPR upgrades
  • More options for viewing
  • Updated search facilities
  • Larger image size for upload – now 1440px
  • Mobile and Tablet friendly


A Note On The Editing Procedure

Different editors have varying tastes of street photography but as a basic guide we will edit submissions based along the following criteria:

1. The image should capture a ‘decisive moment’.
Examine the photograph and ask yourself whether taking the photograph a moment earlier or a moment later would have missed the shot. What is it about that split second captured that makes it ‘decisive’? What is happening in the shot that engages the viewer?

2. Artistic Merit
Do all the elements of the photograph come together to build the over-all picture? How well is the image composed in terms of foreground, background, geometry and composition?

3. Originality
How different is your photograph from the one next to it? Have you taken another cliché or does your photograph offer a different take on a scene?



  • UPSP looks for the best and the editing process starts with you the photographer.
  • Please read through our guide to street photography and types of street photography.
  • View the photos that get featured and chosen by the editors – this is the standard expected.
  • When you upload a new photo it is classed as ‘Pending’.
  • Uploaded images are curated and categorised.
  • When published the image status default is ‘Image Pool’.
  • There is no long guide to what is allowed, but avoid watermarks, borders and over manipulated images.
  • Homeless and street performers will not get published.
  • One uploaded image per post only.
  • Ideal image size for upload = 1440px wide.


Submitted photos that lack imagination, poorly taken or have little artistic value will not be published. No reason will be given if your submitted photo wasn’t accepted onto the website.



  • Photos that make it past the initial publishing criteria are categorised
  • Pending – unpublished, waiting minimum review for quality
  • Image Pool – Default category for published photos. Editors review this section to promote to Street Photography
  • Street Photography – Generally a good shot and can be boosted to the featured category by editors, photographer community votes and positive feedback.
  • Featured – High quality and interesting, imaginative and unique.
  • Submitted photos may change category or be deleted retrospectively.

Images in the ‘Image Pool’ folder may be purged at a later date.

Photographers and subscribers are encouraged to give feedback on submitted images.


Featured Photographers

  • Featured photographers are chosen by the editors for consistently producing outstanding images and contributions to the site


If your submitted photos do not appear it means they didn’t make it. Please do not re-submit. Every image is carefully checked for quality.


Thanks to all our members for using the site and uploading amazing photos.

We love to promote and enjoy the best in street photography.