Please let us know if you have an problems or issues regarding logging in to our site and we can help you. On the right here there are some common issues with answers. We now have a new system update since MAY 2018 and any previous issues should have been resolved so it is easy to register with us or log in.

You can find a password reset link in the menu or when you go to the login page.

Yes it is possible to reset a username. Please use the contact form to let us know your current details and what you’d like to change it to, and we can change that for you. Your username is only used for login, make sure you have your first name and last name filled out which is what your profile page uses.

Send us your name and current details and we can let you know if you have an account with us.

If you can’t see the Add Photo button, or have don’t have access it means you are either not registered with us, not logged in or your account is still pending review with us.

First check your SPAM folder to see if there are any messages there, if not send us a message using the contact form, and we will solve any issues you hav by contacting you directly.

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