aging society

Wheelchairs passed each other.
The men who sit on wheelchair were old.
And, The men who push wheelchair were also old.

Night visitors

Visitors of the shopping center. Walking in the night city of Kherson, I captured these interesting people against the few lights of our city. Because of lights in Kherson not so much, this is one of the most lit places in town where you can shoot the lights at night.


The flow of people on the street. Day after day, one after another they pulled their burdens. Kherson,Ukraine.

Street Vendor: Morning Shopping

The activity of street vendors and resident in Indonesia. Every morning, they shop on the street vendors around them.


2014.07.12 - Thessaloniki Greece

Coming back from shopping

A  quiet Saturday morning in Brussels, Belgium. Guess who was going to drive the white bicycle :-)

Food store

Taken one of the Cuba's Food store's.

Late Night Shopping

Shuter Street, Toronto Ontario, Canada


Winter in Seoul. A woman sits at her street stall in minus 12 degree cold waiting for customers to purchase.