The Passenger

Made in Antwerp, Belgium, 2018.

Urban transportation means

Bicycles are perfect for traveling in urban areas.

Pass Across

I aimed at the moment the bicycle passed by.

Passing through

The beauty of arcades.. nothing to do but to pass through yet it gives you that little bit of magic feeling for that short period in time.

Red and Blue Day

A candid shot on a Chicagp street intersection. The matching colors were too good to miss.


Svishtov, Bulgaria, 2014

the bicycle

Bucharest, July, 2014

Freestyle Reflections

Porto, Portugal | May.2013

Giro d'Italia

The "Giro d'Italia" (Tour of Italy) is an annual stage bicycle race held in Italy.
I took this photo last week, when the Giro had a stage in my hometown.