Anonymity is an identity

Anonymity is an identity of a stranger.

Texting Home

Porto, Portugal | June.2013


Medieval Fair at Leça do Balio Monastery, Matosinhos, Portugal | September.2012


Madrid, Spain. 2014

Roof Watcher

Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal | July.2012

Freestyle Reflections

Porto, Portugal | May.2013

The Birds

Praia de Angeiras, Matosinhos, Portugal | May.2012

My tribute to Alfred Hitchcock.


Porto, Portugal | April.2012

Pieces of Sunlight

Porto, Portugal | May.2013

The Lonely Man

Walking on the streets of Kagoshima - Japan and my street photography has been dragged to the loneliness of people...

Lost in Thoughts

Porto, Portugal | April.2013

A Long Way Home

Francelos, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal | April.2012

Together and Alone

Porto, Portugal | April.2013


Matosinhos, Portugal | April'12