The Man Who Sold the World

Bora Gungor

Bora Gungor

I'm a... Well, I'm close to my 40's and I still can't finish a sentence starting like this or like "When I grow up I wanna be a ...". By saying this, one puts boundaries to himself and stops evolving, and when evolving stops, one becames dead. You became something when you are dead. Saying that, there are things that I do. Like, for living I've been playing bass guitar and singing the lead vocals in a rock band for over 15 years. I practice wing chun, I dive, I can steer a raft in white water, I can skate and I love photography. If you define people by what they do for living, I'm musician.

I live in Antalya, Turkey with my wife and our two cats. Since our cats are allergic to kids, we do not consider having a baby at all.

I've never liked school, sometime around 2005 I got associate degree in public relations, that's it.

The Man Who Sold the World by Bora Gungor

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