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Timurtas Onan was born in Istanbul and started his photography projects in 1980. He has been working professionally for 25 years attending over 100 events at both home and abroad, participating as a juror in national and international contests and has been presented with over forty national and international awards.

Between 1990 and 2000 Tinurtas lived and worked extensively in Antalya and that region establishing, organising and running the photography association: “Antalya: Photography Days (1996)” and his major contributions to the cultural life of the city were recognised by the Antalya Art Association in 1998.

In 2000 he was awarded the title of “AFIAP - FIAP Artist” by the International Photography Federation (FIAP) and over the following years he has taken part in such contemporary art events as “Positions and Directions”, “Triangle”, “Nekropolis”, and “Cultural and Contemporary Art” with his projections and installations in collaboration with other international artists.

Timurtas curated the exhibitions “Junctions of Turkey” consisting of works of seven Turkish photographers held in Rennes, France, and “Co Existence” with the participation of five Turkish and five Greek artists and established the Turkish Photographers Library. In 2009 representing Turkey and together with 7 artists he took part in the exhibition “Light and Shadows on the Balkans” sponsored by the Greek Cultural Foundation.

In 2010 he opened his exhibition “Beyoğlu Neo Classic “ at the Dortmund Art Museum and with the support of ‘İstanbul: Capitol of Culture 2010’ he participated in the project “İstanbul A River of Cultures”along with the Bosphorus University Peace Education, Application and Research Center. Within this project he made a short documentary film and the publication “Historical Penninsula” at the same time undertaking a project with the university’s students completing a book with them: “A Young look at the Historical Penninsula”.

Amongst other work Timutas has shot the documentary films: ‘Street Children‘, ‘What’s going on in Tarlabaþış‘, ‘Hayali Tacettin Diker’ (The Master of Karagöz Shadow Theatre), ‘Kramp’ and ‘Historical Peninsula/Reflections‘.

His published books are: ‘Nights on Beyoğlu‘, ‘Turkish Photographers Library No: 30’ ‘İstanbul Blues’ and ‘Historical Peninsula/Reflections‘.

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