Paris La Defence

Cyril Jayant

Cyril Jayant

About me:
I am a self-taught Street photographer specialised in all aspect of photography, based on London. The passion that attracted in my younger age did not led me well in academic Path, but self motivation got me up to here where I am standing today, During 1990, I initiated into the subject after settling down in Paris where is known as LA CAPITAL DE LA PHOTOGRAPHY. I was able to amassed lot knowledge and influence from famous French master Photographers and the European and international Image creators and that motivated me to focus develop solely my eye, my visual on street then to be a STREET PHOTOGRAPHER.

My passion grew and developed through years. and I remain captive of this unique world with more challenges and an insatiable appetite to keep up with its advancement. My greatest ambition in life is creation and to have a creative life . Running after a career one requires decisiveness and strong sense of direction.

My passion travels through photography, music, reading and art; I believe in living in the moment and creating possibilities.My path winds through photography,visual art culture, everything and anything where creativity shows up. I believe in living in the moment and creating possibilities. So photography is my base of medium and the therapy for healing my soul. I have through knowledge in Analog Photography and using several Hi-end camera systems like LEICA M and HASSELBLAD V as I highly believe in the best standard in all my work and producing best high quality in image making. I have recently adventured into Digital through and Leica M digital and I am still learning the process to master the consistency and quality which is very interesting. Presently joined the London LIP photographers group to get more involved in Photography.

Paris La Defence by Cyril Jayant

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