Order out of chaos

I am delighted to announce that your image has actually been commended in the People Category in the Open Competition of the Sony World Photography Awards 2012. Your work has been selected from 52,323 images entered from 171 countries. This is an incredible achievement.

Congratulations, your photo has won an honourable mention in our Street Photography Contest! Unfortunately you haven’t won the prize but you have featured in Eric Kim’s Top 5 entries. Check out the winner and honourable mentions here www.siliconbeachtraining.co.uk/blog/street-ph oto-comp-win…
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It was wonderful to give another talk at The School of Life earlier this month. Many thanks to Nick Turpin and the participants of the Photographing London weekend workshop for a really inspirational afternoon.

I am impressed at the quality of work at these sessions. Once again it’s a real lesson for me in setting oneself parameters or a challenge. Inevitably I search for a metaphor in these instances and the mental and physical effort required is certainly of Olympian proportions.

Two marvellous images are worth noting from Laura Fitzpatrick and Tony White. Each in their own way exemplify for me the essence of street photography.

Tony’s image, and style now I’m glad to have discovered more of his work, has a real warmth and a resonance with the sensitivity of Tony Ray-Jones. There’s certainly an undefinable Englishness to this picture which is a joy.

In contrast Laura’s photograph at the foot of Nelson’s Column is a tour de force of geometry and timing. It feels so perfect that it ironically touches on contemporary practices of digital manipulation and staged flash mobs, even though the image is entirely of the moment, taken as found with no intervention other than being in the right place at the right time and having the presence of mind to take the picture.
Easy, eh?

The Best Street Photograph Ever


Although we may all have favourite Street Photographers they may not always be the author of our favourite Street Photograph.

It might be a revealing exercise to suggest and vote up or down single Street Photographs to see which images bubble to the top and which images fall to the bottom.

In this way we might get a sense of the popular opinion on what qualities might be inherent in ‘The Best Street Photograph Ever’.

This is a bit of fun but at very least it should make for the creation of a fascinating collection of Street Photographs.

Please feel free to take part, vote images up or down and upload those you think should be included from any era and any Street Photographer.

Images will be removed that don’t fall into a loose definition of a Street Photograph