Of Dreams and Reality

A depiction of reality and dreams.
The little girl and the ferris wheel represents innocence and happiness.
The lady whisking away the kid represents maturity, the alter ego that reminds us there is a reality we have to face.
When we are young, we are unaware of life’s miseries and we wanted to cling on to things that makes us happy.
As we get older, we discover that life is not always full of laughter.
No matter how much we want to be happy, we have to face what is in front of us.
We have to plan for what is ahead us. Our thoughts never seem to be at peace.
Sadly, the only place that we can find peace, solitude and happiness is in our dreams.
But sooner or later, we have to wake up and take on life’s challenges.

Nathaniel Estenzo


Name: Nathaniel Estenzo aka: Natzkie Born: 24th of November 1986 Profession: Culinary Services for the Maritime Industry My interest in photography started as a mixture of my free-spirited ways and love of nature. I have always awed with the beauty of a sunset, a sunrise, the fleeting clouds and the wonderful greens around me. Having bought my own gear, I started to shoot the things I have appreciated and dreamt to capture. I started shooting landscapes, sunsets, cityscape and almost everything. And since it's the Social Media Network era, I was able to stumble upon a group of street photographers in Facebook. Browsing the page and the members' photo galleries, I realized that I was also into street photography. As the days went by, I learned the ins and outs; met friends and mentors who helped me understand and learn to bits "Street Photography" and a bit "Architecture". On my own wandering around the city and anywhere, I have with me my gear. I shoot and shoot then review what I have taken. I critic my own work, look for what's lacking. Then for the shots that I believed were beautiful, I share them and let others share their thoughts. It was how I learned and love the capturing the streets and its life.
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Of Dreams and Reality by nathaniel.estenzo

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