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“I grew up in Silverlake, CA.” “Not the cool, Forbes Magazine’s hippest neighborhood in the country Silverlake we love and hate today, but the mid-city urban grit and grime it once was back in the 70’s and 80’s.” A latch-key kid while both parents worked the swing shifts, David would jump on his BMX and ride down Sunset Blvd., slaloming around Hollywood streetwalkers, hair-band groupies and undesirables. “Urban life is a part of my upbringing and I always wanted to document those unique, chance moments I came across during my neighborhood expeditions.” “I’ve always been a people watcher, curious about life and gravitate to certain individuals.” “I would imagine aspects of their lives, their personality and characteristics, background history, what they did for work, where they were going on that certain outing.”

“The photographs I make are not just about visions that present themselves to me but also represent a record of my own personal experiences.” “These photographs of strangers going about their daily routines are true depictions of what I observed at moment, a slice of the truth, the importance of a functional society and how I fit into this ever changing, seemingly shrinking world.”

David’s personal projects concentrate on “Street Photography” and can still be seen roaming the streets of Downtown L.A., Hollywood and surrounding areas.

“I make photographs of life today to share tomorrow.”

“Breathe Life, Visualize Emotion”

Long Beach, CA 2014 by DV8

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