[1 DAY PROJECT] “Ghosts of Christmas” – 2

"Ghosts of Christmas" - 2 - Street Photography

I do not like this approach, in fact I do not think to use it ever again, even if i love the result. Firing the flash into people’s faces, like the great Bruce Gilden, is not for me. I find this way too invasive and I hate to bother people. I believe that photography should not only pay attention to the result, but to express what the photographer is … and I’m not so. But I wanted to make this experience to grow, because I believe that explore the genre in every corner, is essential to have a complete picture of this extraordinary world that is Street Photography. This is my gift for happy holidays to all those who were close to me this year and help me to became a better photographer.

Emilio Barillaro

Emilio Barillaro

Emilio Barillaro

Gioiosa Jonica (Italia), 1980 - Roma.

"More than a photographer i consider myself a screenwriter.
My stage is the street and my unwitting actors are people on it."

[1 DAY PROJECT] “Ghosts of Christmas” – 2 by Emilio Barillaro

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