The UPSP team thought you would like to have a little fun over the holiday period. In line with the collaborative works that we have seen on the site this year, we thought we would set a theme for the festive season. A theme that we would encourage all our members to participate in. The theme for the season is…



It’s open to interpretation, and we are very excited to see what the creative think tank of artists we have here do with an open interpretation of a theme. We have seen how interesting it is when just two people tackle the same theme from different eyes in the collaborations. We think that this opportunity for all members to show a little creative flare will produce some stellar results.

    A few rules, though not many.

1. All images submitted must still fall into the genre of Street Photography
2. Submissions must be TAGGED or labelled some way in the submission page as ‘Together‘.
3. Members may submit any number of images for the theme, but with the usual rules of 1 image per day, no borders and no watermarks.
4. Submissions are now open.
5. ‘Together‘ photos will also be included to the regular street photo categories.
6. Only new and original images will be considered
7. Submissions end 24th January


That’s about it. At the end of the submission period (24th January) the editors at UPSP will delve in and select their favourite images from the submissions. These will be featured in a stand alone page on the site, much like the format of the collaborations that are already published. When this page goes live, should your work be selected for the main page, we may ask a few questions of each artists to get an idea of how they got the shot, and some comment on how they felt about shooting to a restricted theme.

We wish you a safe and happy holiday season, and a fun and festive new years! We are sure that there are big things to come in 2014, lets kick it off with a bang, TOGETHER.

You can view latest uploaded ‘Together’ photos here> Together