“I liked this shot for the geometry and spacing of all the elements as well as the moment.  The way that the horse and its owner have their own section, the dog and its owner placed inside the square of the truck, and of course the child looking back over all this confusing nonsense housed by the car. I also like the yellow ‘horizon’ line on the truck confirming to us all that the photographer managed to capture this wonderful moment whilst keeping the camera straight at the same time (quite hard to do!) The colours are pleasing and I keep coming back to the shot to follow the zig zag of characters that run throughout it. Generally when I am judging I always ask myself “do I wish I had taken it?” in this case I certainly wish I had.”

-Matt Stuart



“I love this photograph on many different layers (pun intended). I love the streamlined composition of the photograph (all elements moving in a diagonal from left to right) as well as how there are three main different “animals” in this shot (the horse on the far left, the dog jumping up, and the little girl looking disconcerted with her hair shooting up). There is also great depth in the shot – with no main subjects overlapping with one another and with each subject filling its own quadrant. The colors are also well balanced (nice shades of green, blue, and hints of red) in the shot as well– and it is a unique shot I haven’t seen before.”

-Eric Kim