The Passionated Old Photographer

Photographing in Kagoshima – Japan during a street festival… Thousands of people photographing the costumes, dancers, performers, musicians… All the cameras aimed towards the  frenezie of colors but I didn’t care about it.

Despite to what supposed to be the most interesting thing on that day, were the viewers packed on the sidewalks that attracted my attention.

They were the real show.

Roger Lome

Lome Roger Photography

I am a 40 years old man who lives in Kagoshima - Japan. I was never inspired to pick up a camera until the day that a black & white photo on the web took my attention. I moved from Brazil to Toronto - Canada in 2001 and in 2009 I started my journey into the photography universe. I wanted to know what was that photo. I wanted to know why I was so in love with that. I wanted to understand what kind of feeling was that... Thats when I went to the Toronto Public Library and started feeding my curiosity and then I got to "know" Enhri Cartie-Bresson, William Klein, Vivian Maier and so many others... Artists not related to street photography also fascinated me. Names such as Richard Avedon, Dom McCuling and so on... These people had shouted words and taken images that was the missing ingredient to develop a portion of my personality that I didn't even now I had. I took photography seriously, I studied, I ate it, I slept with it and I became a photographer. Studio and environmental portraits is what I do however, is on the streets that I feel really complete. Is on the streets that I feel I am doing real photography. Is on the streets that I am able to see the word as a real human being, document the real life, freeze the moment... In the end, well, there is no end. The image will always be timeless...

The Passionated Old Photographer by Lome Roger Photography

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