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Luis Rubim

Luis Rubim

I am a London based street & press photographer but you could also describe me as a multidisciplinary artist. I am also a teacher. I love photography and cameras and I never leave home without one.

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Sony A700 & Minolta 7D with 17-35 and Minolta 5400Hs & 3500xi flashes. Fujifilm S3pro with Nikon 18-70 and 50 f1.8 + 75-240. Sigma SD10 & M42 lenses. Samsung GX20 with kit lens + PK and PKA lenses. Mamyaflex C2, Pentax 645, Minolta 800si & Dynax 5, Nikon F80, Pentax MZ30, Chinon CE4, a bunch of Fujicas and 70 other film cameras.

joie de vivre by Luis Rubim

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