Jodhpur, India 2013 | Minolta XD7 |

Jodhpur, India 2013 | Weltaflex TLR | Ilford HP5+ | Rodinal Semi Stand

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Tristan Aitchison

Blanches Nickelodeon

Welcome and Bienvenue to Blanche’s Nickelodeon, the creative home of me – Tristan MG Aitchison. I’m an eternal student of Storytelling at the University of Spinning Yarns (formerly Telling Tales Polytechnic). I write. I make films. I take photos. I’ve lived and worked in no fewer than five countries: volunteered in Romanian orphanages, danced to Atomic Kitten on the Mongolian Steppes, been shot at in Siberia, arrested in Georgia and eaten dog twice in Korea. I’ve been around the world and I, I, I (Stansfield, 1989, TOTP) have returned to the best natural studio in the world, the Highlands of Scotland. I’m based on The Black Isle, near Inverness. Let yourself in, put on your slippers and make yourself at home. Leave the key under the mat when you're done.

Jodhpur, India 2013 | Minolta XD7 | by Blanches Nickelodeon

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