I am an Istanbul/ TURKEY based amateur photographer.
I try to make “Street Photography”. Living in a very dynamic, crowded and historical city gives unlimited opportunities in terms of photography. So I try to reflect human interactions between human and the social environment.
Consider what happens when you go out for “Street Photography“; you have to blend in and observe all of the micro stories taking place around you. Discovering the details mostly skipped.
This isn't about missing or catching something, but about really tasting it and relearning what life is!
You know that eerie feeling, where all of a sudden you have a “deja vu” like moment, as if you had already experienced a particular scene, and that scene is now playing out right before your eyes? For me, the answer is mostly “Yes”.
Actually you might have come across a similar scene in a form of a photograph that you probably saw somewhere in a book, on a web page or in an exhibition.

In conclusion I would like summarize that Street Photography mainly helps me to understand that similarities between human beings are actually more than I was told.

I prefer to use a small camera ,mostly ready to shot (pre focused and exposure adjusted) in a wide angel (24-28mm full frame equivalent) so I use my time to observe and decide.

facebug by Alphan YILMAZMADEN

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