Deep in conversation

This was taken a few weeks before Christmas on Yonge Street in front of the Eaton Centre, a
very large, high end shopping mall here in downtown Toronto.
incredibly busy, especially in the weeks leading up to Christmas, the mall and
the streets around it are a target-rich environment for street
I was watching the sea of busy shoppers when I noticed a
couple standing in the middle of the sidewalk, deep in conversation. They
conversed for a few minutes before she went off with a group of friends or
family to enter the mall.
What caught my eye was their position, at right
angles to the flow of sidewalk traffic, which allowed me to see the two of them
as they talked, and the woman’s pose, as she stood with her head down, and her
hands on the man’s shoulders.
I watched them and when the moment seemed
right, took this shot.

motorized Nikon F with meterless, eyelevel prism

Nikkor 180 2.8 ED AIS manual focus

Fuji 100 ISO colour slide

exposure probably 2.8 @ 1/500th