Pegasus by Patrick Sagnes

[quote]There were 5 images from the month that really stood out for me, but this image by Patrick is my choice from the images submitted. The endless image details including the woman’s jacket, blowing hair and crossed raised foot, to the flying horse outline on the building all work so well. I really like the film still quality of this image and the sense that the pause button has been pressed on life.”[/quote]

-Jonathan Taylor


Fly Away by Nattha

[quote]In this shot the author has gained the interest of the viewer in many ways, the topic, being multi-dimensional, extreme dynamics and with emotion. The picture is well arranged, the composition is excellent with the boy diving from the pier in to the water mirroring the bird flyng from the cage. The image is dynamic and has motion with people rising above the buildings, a flag blowing in the wind and the bird flying away. Looking at the old man in the foreground it makes me think what kind of person he is and apparently he bought the bird to give it freedom. The photographer was lucky to be in the right place at the right time to make this amazing shot. A good eye and unwavering hand with an element of luck, of course, the miracle of this beautiful picture of life.”[/quote]

-Elena Maiorova


Smoke by Jamie Fyson Howard

[quote]I’ve seen this many times before and it’s a pleasure to see Jamie share it here with us. This shot from Jamie is wonderfully suggestive and emotional. Obviously the smoke in the bar highlighted by the great light pouring in from the window is the main focus here but that look from the woman over to the couple instantaneously brings the whole atmosphere together, which like the smoke you feel you could cut with a knife, while it seems to have been by the window frame, isolating her beautifully.” [/quote]

-Matt Obrey



no Pan intended by poi_so_mnoi

[quote]October was a strong month and I struggled in selecting just one image, but No Pan Intended kept catching my eye. It takes a long time to work out the perspective and finally figure out how this was achieved. I initially thought that it was a person in some bushes, but as I said, I was kept intrigued and interested by the image and was able to enjoy that fun feeling one gets when viewing an image like this, that slow but satisfying realisation of how that artists achieved that result. It takes a well trained eye to catch this sort of scene, really well seen, and great image.” [/quote]

-Tristan Parker


untitle by Noravich

[quote]This perfectly captured composition depicts the existance and the experience of a real city jungle. A wild city in which everyone fights for his space. Figure placement works a treat. The positioning of both the bird and the human puts emphasis on life’s survival instincts and brings some surreal filling into this image. I like this photo a lot! Great work!”[/quote]

-Ania Klosek



Fly Away by Nattha

[quote]Another difficult month to choose an outright favourite. Props have to go to Larry Hallegua, who continues to submit a high standard of images, and some great photographs from Jamie Fyson Howard and Paul Cruickshank too. Mariano Silletti’s engaging image of the girl leaning out the car window received deserved votes both from the public and the guest editors, but it’s the timing of Nattha’s ‘Fly Away’ that stands out for me. The diver frames the buildings and two other divers nicely, as the bird flies into a space that a split second later would have been lost in the background noise.”[/quote]

-Jamie Furlong



Air India by

[quote]There were some great shots in October and a nice variety of street styles. I love a good visual pun or an original view on everyday life. I’d love to know if Larry was sitting opposite or walking by before realising this opportunity. Clever shot and a nice idea. I’m sure Larry’s trip was more enjoyable after taking this shot.”[/quote]

-Rob Hill

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