November 2013

 Urban Pirates by

[quote]Two of my favourite shots from this month were ‘Directions’ by and ‘untitled’ by . There were a few bizaar photos being posted, but this shot by Danielle stood out for me. The scene is nicely composed, has depth, interesting characters and the dark colours all add to an intriguing picture. Many elements point to the guy in the car smiling at the camera, sitting in his treasure trove with a frog mascot at the bow and a sofa on the roof. Brilliant timing to position the man walking past, a great scene, I love the title.”[/quote]

-Rob Hill

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Winter morning in Pune, India by Swapnil Jedhe

[quote]It was very difficult to select just one image among many good photos from this month. In the end I chose this picture that holds an entire story in a seemingly trivial moment, where nothing exceptional or extraordinary happens. Four people, four birds in flight. Every gaze is lost in his own world, in his own flight, and the only one that looks towards the camera emerges through the food for the birds. I like the strength of the central part of the photo, with the bird with open wings in frontal position and the woman’s gesture captured just at the right time.”[/quote]

-Francesca Fascione

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Directions by

[quote]Real nice shot here from Stavros. Three well placed subjects, a complementary background for the foreground subjects head which i think is the nicest element in the frame with his tongue slightly sticking out juxtaposed near the bottle of water. I get the impression someone has been unfaithful but not quite sure who. I also like the title Stavros has given this, “directions” which is very fitting even down to the downward arrow on the door. Very nice shot indeed.” [/quote]

-Matt Obrey

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Limbs by

[quote]Limbs ticks a lot of boxes as far as things we should be looking for in a great street photo. There are the small things like the arrangement of the flashes of blue scattered about the frame, and offset by the bright green of the grass, and high vis vest. There is the nonchalant manner of the security guard on his phone, oblivious to the scene that he is partaking in. And all offset by the strange posture of the limbs in the framed window. Great composition and frame. Simple and controlled natural processing. Great work, one that I keep coming back to.” [/quote]

-Tristan Parker

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. by arsenicjr

[quote]The photo clearly shows some kind of construction work and the image is balanced well with some simple horizontal thirds. There’s the always-fun ‘missing bodies’ gag, but done nicely since the two people clearly have a relationship with each other. No doubt the person on the pavement is looking down at the person in the hole… but why isn’t it the construction worker in the hole and the woman looking down from the pavement? And therein lies the rub.”[/quote]

-Jamie Furlong

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