November 2012

Dont Think Twice -Manu Mart

Don’t Think Twice by Manu Mart

[quote ]I love the pose of the man, seemingly staring at the group approaching. The sharp angles cast by the shadows creates tension to something that is quite ordinary. Put together this apparent peaceful, solemn scene takes on new meaning. I like the subtle colouring too.”[/quote]

-Rob Hill



Untitled by Alessio Romanato

Untitled by Alessio Romanato

[quote ]Alessio’s picture is a simple study in form and structure, made all the more appealing with the two strategically placed heads. I like the fact one is looking down, the other up. There’s some great juxtaposing going on with the smooth wood and harsh brick-work too. Alessio has submitted a number of pieces to the Urban Picnic Street Photography gallery but this one sticks out for me.” [/quote]

-Jamie Furlong

[divider] Untitled by Frankie Sinclair

Untitled by Frankie Sinclair

[quote ]This fantastic image captured by Frankie Sinclair opens up many questions. The moment captured by “the touch” instantly preserving this wonderfully composed scene, while the man, the statue and the splash of colour from the car make a visually appealing image, taking the viewer into a surreal realm of uncertainty”.[/quote]

-Matt Obrey