May 2013

   light beach reading by Chris Farling

Light beach reading by Chris Farling

[quote ]Perfect lighting and backdrop. Another great among Chris’s consistent work.”                                                                                           [/quote]

-Matt Obrey



i-Fly by Peter Kool

i-Fly by

[quote ]Another amazing image by Peter. This is a deceptively simple scene but each element gives this image an effective balance of form, colour, compostiton and intrigue. Peter has an incredible ability to take often surreal or absurd photos of everyday life, I’m fascinated each time I see this shot ” [/quote]

-Rob Hill



untitled by Tashi Delek

untitled by Tashi Delek

[quote ]This is a perfect flaming of street portrait, catching the decisive emotional moment, feeling of the subject. Great shot.”[/quote]

-Tatsuo Suzuki



Untitled by Oswaldo Ramirez Sanchez

Untitled. by Oswaldo Ramirez Sanchez

[quote ]In addition to having a surreal look, this picture gives me a real sense of oppression and anxiety, and when an image is able to communicate a feeling so clearly, I think is definitely a successful image. But what I like even more is the paradox that is created since we think that a communication so clear and strong stems from a scene played right on a hushed up mouth. The result of all this is a picture full of possible interpretations, explicit and hidden meanings, ranging from the ironic to the conceptual to the morale- it could be a picture of complaint of women status in certain realities of the world, or more generally an interpretation of the limits of contemporary society –society of global relation and communication but often full of big contradictions. The choice to segment the body and not to show the face of the human subject gives to the false head an humanity perhaps even truer than the person who holds it, exchanging roles between real and unreal, and once again creating ambiguity that is one of the most charming aspects of photography.” [/quote]

-Francesca Fascione