March 2013

Lyon, France. 2012 by Baptiste Hauville

Lyon, France. 2012 by

[quote ]There were some exceptional submissions this month, making it difficult to pick my fave. Baptiste Hauville’s ‘Lyon’ and Christos Kapatos’ ‘Enlightened #2′ both demonstrate extraordinary perspective and lighting. There is great cinematic quality to Kapatos’ work, whilst Hauville, once again, proves to be a master of subtlety.”[/quote]

-Jamie Furlong



Enlightened #2 by Christos Kapatos

Enlightened #2 by

[quote ]Christos has managed to capture the most perfect foreground subject here together with three evenly spaced middle ground subjects. His use of flash in this shot (and in many others) is what obviously makes it stand out while the background yellows and whites complement the image furthermore.” [/quote]

-Matt Obrey


 Shimbashi, Tokyo, 2013 by Shin Noguchi

Shimbashi, Tokyo, 2013 by

[quote ]I love this photo by Shin. Simple colours, grid background and interesting shadows but foremost the visual pun of the background man looking up while the guy pushes an open dumpster. A brilliant moment to capture.” [/quote]

-Rob Hill