June 2013

Bingo by Peter Kool

[quote ]Its a great shot from Peter, easily recognisable as one of his by the ability he has to capture such scenes, so well. If you’re going to use text so bold as here then it has to fully connect with the image, which it does very well. Peters somewhat unprecedented style, makes for some truly wonderful images time after time.” [/quote]

-Matt Obrey



i-Fly by Peter Kool

just a dress by

[quote ]Once more some fantastic images this month, and a few that remind me of old classics. Among the entries I spotted Erwitt’s Dogs, Webb’s packed frames,  Winogrand’s New York Zoo, and one or two that hint at something Meyerowitz and Gilden might have produced on the streets of Manhattan. I can’t not mention Peter Kool, who continues to produce some great stuff with a strong sense of humour, but the one that really stood out for me was Mirko Arganese’s ‘Just A Dress’. Whether the boy is holding up the magazine to hide from the photographer or simply to hide his shame at being made to sit half-naked as his mum washes his clothes, the sense of his discomfort is powerful. Wearing only knickers and pink shoes in public isn’t going to help his cause. He’s certainly not feeling the glamour or confidence of the model whose face he is hiding behind. The image is helped aesthetically by the hues of pinks and purples, which are the only colours in the image. Strong image.” [/quote]

-Jamie Furlong

[quote ]Street photographers are supposed not just to tell a history just in one shot, but try to use light properly and try to make people smile. Obviously, you need to make a good composition and get something visually really strong. Then you have a decent shot probably…. Mirko have reached these elements to make a great shot, funny and poetic. I love poetry in pictures. Then, I love this Mirko’s shot.” [/quote]

-Manu Mart



untitled by Tashi Delek

** by

[quote ]This image speaks to me, and it may be due to the fact I have started to use a bit of slow sync flash myself. I think for me this image is a classic example of an innovative use of technique in the street, this is something I would like to see more people pursue. The image manages to combine great composition, well controlled artificial light, slow sync flash technique and a great moment in time catching that expression on the subjects face. All of this works well together to achieve a sense of otherworldly separation from the frozen and gasping face of the subject, from the blurred and ghostly image resulting from the slow shutter. Great work.”[/quote]

-Tristan Parker



Untitled by Oswaldo Ramirez Sanchez

Notting Hill by

[quote ]A classic street photo, simple but effective, beautifully balanced in many ways.  This shot is a reflection of innocence and order in our society, a cosmopolitan brickwork pattern bathed in a warm Summer light. Great street photography.” [/quote]

-Rob Hill


[quote ]This photo is simple but efficient. It simply transcribes an ordinary moment of daily life. Isn’t that the aim of street photography? It’s not only about some aesthetic of the moment, Hipsters has shot here a timeless photograph, with no frills, and it just works.” [/quote]

-Baptiste Hauville