July 2013

Tokyo Subway – Peak Hour by Larry Hallegua

[quote ]Larry Hallegua’s ‘Tokyo Subway – Peak Hour’ is hands down my pick for this month. The sense of movement is great and the three girls, heads down, locked into their own little world on a packed train gives us an insight into commuting on a packed train in Tokyo. The fact you can’t see their eyes, but can view their objects of entertainment, adds to the intrigue of the moment.” [/quote]

-Jamie Furlong




untitled by Trigger

[quote ]This image is just perfect in so many ways. I don’t think that you could do a better job of this if you planned it. The ladies facial expression and the tilt of her head match what would be expected from someone lying on the beach and relaxing. The fact that the subject is blissfully unaware of the role she is playing in the capturing of a moment that is skilfully seen and perfectly executed just adds to the moment for me. You then have the little things. The colour of the subjects hair matching the colour of the models on the back of the magazine. And then the crystal blue water in the background of the image, a perfect accompaniment to the scene that is being played out on the beach. Its all these small things coming together in a perfect moment that merge in Street Photography when paired with an artist who has a trained eye that is able to see in the way that is required to catch the moment in order to share it with us that create such fun and playful images. Well done Trigger, love the image.” [/quote]

-Tristan Parker



San Fermin, Pamplona by Manu Mart

[quote ]I like the way Manu strips away his shots to the bear essentials, but still leaving many questions. San Fermin, Pamplona is a wonderful shot of a child acting as a man being chaced through the cobbled streets by a make-shift bull. For me the pose of the child’s run is perfect and the way the light catches the body enhancing the muscles. It’s not a complex nor detailed shot but the narrative is great and the moment of capture perfect. “[/quote]

-Rob Hill



untitled by Juan Jose Reyes

[quote ]My choice from July is “Untitled” by Juan Jose Reyes. It’s an atypical street, it’s bizarre, is white, gray, black, is archetypal, is a metaphor for the everyone’s need to face their demons. Even armed only with a ladder, a bucket of paint and a brush. Sometimes it is enough.” [/quote]

-Cristian Munteanu




untitled by Swapnil Jedhe

[quote ]This image tickles my brain and stirs my heart.  It elicits an emotional quality which I was immediately intrigued by. Encompassing an interconnectedness between people and their natural environment while carrying an underlying spiritual component not often seen in street photography.  It’s a special image that struck me both emotionally and intellectually.  It’s the kind of image one has the possibility to shoot when every element aligns harmoniously.  I find it exceptional.” [/quote]

-Tatum Wulff