January 2014

NT by Salvatore Matarazzo

[quote]I’m a sucker for old distinguished ladies and I think that Salvatore has capture one nicely here. I love how her mouth is pulled together tightly with wrinkles around it. I love her perfect hair and her matching glasses. The light is also nice, red “evening” light in the background, balanced nicely with flash.”[/quote]

-Christian Nilson

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A Tie by

[quote]For my selection for January I have selected A Tie, by Poi_so_mnoi. Poi’s image shows a level of creativity in the use of his own shadow that is rarely seen. That ability to notice an image, conceive it in the minds eye, and then improve on what is available by inserting their presence into the shot is something that I really enjoy in street photography. It goes against the grain of photography, the removal of ones presence in the image is what we so often strive for. When someone is able to insert themselves into a shot, and thus improve the image, rather than distract the viewer I think this is something that deserves to be credited. This image from Poi is a clear example of this. Well done.”[/quote]

-Tristan Parker

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Ensnared by

[quote]Every so often an image comes along that is simple and brilliant. Nicolas’s picture here is no fluke. His instinct to focus on people around rather than the subject means capturing a moment is more likely. The visual pun playing with scale is brilliantly achieved. Nice shot Nicholas, one of my favourites.” [/quote]

-Rob Hill

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