February 2013


Eleganza by Cesare Salvadeo

[quote ]A simple observation. Nothing clever, subverted or ironic, just classic street photography that feels like it could have been taken fifty years ago were it not for the poster. I particularly like the middle shadow that gives the photograph balance and introduces a third person.”[/quote]

-Jamie Furlong



Untitled by Julien Legrand500

Untitled by Julien Legrand

[quote ]This image from Julien is very well known within the street photography world and shows what a great eye he has. For me this is a visual reminder of how, as street photographers we should be constantly on our guard, looking for such moments, because they are there, we just need to find them, and Julien does that consistently. Moments like this don’t happen often and thankfully Julien has preserved this colourful visual pun perfectly” [/quote]

-Matt Obrey




Censorship by Fabio Costa

[quote ]A simple and clever idea by Fabio. A great example of seeing beyond a simple everyday scene and giving it new meaning. Fabio’s observations and visual puns are always interesting” [/quote]

-Rob Hill