December 2013

The Hand by

[quote]Because of the gentleman’s expression this photo radiates some tragedy, but I feel comedy at the same time. What exactly makes it comical I ask myself and the answer is “the plastic glove”; or how a small element can change the whole atmosphere in a picture. What is going on inside the car is probably not what we think, but leaving something for the imagination is good. Along with the perfect composition, sorry policeman in this case your head is not important, this photo is touching and will stick somewhere inside your memory. It’s the kind of photo that, when seen again sometime, will make you think “oh yes”. Congrats on your “Hand” George.”[/quote]

-Peter Kool

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Carnivorous plant by

[quote]This photo is light hearted and simple, and brings a smile to your face, and I like it… During the holidays I want to celebrate and be glad, therefore a photo of a man with a flower head appealed to me and to many users of the site. From a technical point of view, the picture is also good, there is volume and air, and nice colors. Thanks Rudy for posting, I wish you continued success, good luck and photographic inspiration.”[/quote]

-Elena Maiorova

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[quote]In 2013 the Oxford English Dictionary named ‘selfie’ the word of the year, so what better way to end twelve months of strong UPSP submissions with one such picture? In a style not too dissimilar to Friedlander’s work, Shalunts has framed his own reflection to create an enigmatic creature walking towards us from another world. The child’s head, balanced on a disproportionate body with squashed nose, wears an odd yet engaging expression that borders on confrontational. The whole thing is nicely framed with strong verticals and diagonals too, and I like the fact the woman appears oblivious to the strangeitude behind her. There were a few I’d liked to have picked from December, including Suzuki, Reuland and Marazakis. They, like this one, all appeal to our macabre, darker side.” [/quote]

-Jamie Furlong

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monkey 79

Salvation by

[quote]December was a very strong month here at Urban Picnic, so it was a struggle to select just one image. Salvation by Gareth Bragdon is the one that I kept returning to though. The image is quirky and just a little bizarre. I like this. The black and white is fantastic, and the slight movement and blur in the image just adds to the almost manic feel to the picture. Its one of those photos that took a while to work out, and I enjoyed this process. I was torn somewhere between a stuffed toy of some description, and the yeti come down from snowy peaks for a while there. The contrast between what could be fun, and what is actually a caged animal is an interesting one.” [/quote]

-Tristan Parker

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Untitled by

[quote]Timed to perfection. Oguz has a great eye and this shot shows us how tremendously quick one has to react to an unfolding scene. Four evenly spaced subjects arranged in a diamond creating such a great visual composition. A split second earlier or later and the amazing paper plane would not be isolated against the background and the woman’s legs would not be in the position they are which is the next best element after the plane, imo. I just wish that we could see the child’s face, although I think the rest of the frame makes up for this.“[/quote]

-Matt Obrey

[quote]I have to agree with Matt this month and pick Untitled by Oguz Ozkan. When I first saw this shot I was amazed at all the good elements within one shot, the paper plane in flight, the poses of the people, the relative positions of everyone in the scene. I still come back to this photo and see more, there is so much going on. It’s fascinating that each person is totally absorbed in their own gaze, the boy’s expression is great. This shot is perfectly timed and has a nicely balanced composition. The strong light and shadows add even more to the scene. Superb photo Oguz.”[/quote]

-Rob Hill

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