August 2013

BW & Y by gurunathan

[quote ]Gurunathan demonstrates perfect timing as the woman in the black dress crosses the black line and the woman in the white top crosses the white line. The black and white diagonals are further reflected in the white car with its black windows, white sky, black tarmac and even in the umbrellas too. Structurally perfect, but what really makes this shot is the dash of yellow that slices the lower third, met in the top third with another line of yellow, the only colour in the whole scene. An exquisite shot.” [/quote]

-Jamie Furlong



In the seaport by Ksenia Tsykunova

[quote ]Ksenia has submitted some interesting photos this month. “Jump” is an amazing shot to capture and I thought a clever play with lines and angles. My other favourite is again by Ksenia, “In the seaport”. I love the bleak industrial landscape in the background softened by the people on a sandy beach. The surreal and strange continues in the foreground with the kids playing in the sand.  Great balance and interest all around. The humour touch makes this a shot to remember. “[/quote]

-Rob Hill

[dropcap]*[/dropcap]Most ‘likes’ by UPSP Communtity




Jump by Ksenia Tsykunova

[quote ]Perfectly framed and perfectly timed. I would imagine most people can relate to this image having done this a child and felt the joy this can bring as a youngster. Apart from the obvious parallels I also like the tiny details within the image, from the framed bin, the moon and the guy dragging something along the beach, altogether a great background to complement this fantastic shot, one which I will remember in time to come.” [/quote]

-Matt Obrey





The Kinks by Roger Clay

[quote ]A simple, well captured and executed image. I don’t know if I can remember seeing a pairing of two utterly unrelated things in such a simple and well framed composition. The black and white processing adds feeling and character to the photo with no colour distractions to take from the simplicity of the image. Excellent photo, and one that I keep coming back to view on a regular basis.” [/quote]

-Tristan Parker