April 2013


what is a dream? by

[quote ]I remember attempting double exposure photography with my old Pentax many moons ago. Fortunately my work has never been seen by man and we have Umberto’s sublime effort instead. The weightlessness of the balloon reflected in the ethereal vision of a man flying, smoke billowing from his clenched fists. The light on the child’s face shows us their pensive stare into middle distance, dreaming. None of it makes sense, but then dreams don’t, do they?”[/quote]

-Jamie Furlong




i-Trouble by

[quote ]A truly remarkable capture here from Peter. Talk about “right place at the right time” this for me is what street photography is all about, catching fleeting moments that fall into place and come together in a split second. Its clearly all about the eyes and the connection between the two subjects, plus a third if you look close enough but what I also like is the eye contact, giving it much more impact. A great shot indeed, certainly one i wish id taken.” [/quote]

-Matt Obrey



porky pig by

[quote ]Peter Kool’s i-Trouble is my choice too, an amazing balance of fate, people and circumstance. The guy’s expression is a story in itself.”

My other pick is Porky Pig by Joval Villareal as I’m a big fan of the visual pun when well executed. This surreal capture made me laugh the moment I first saw it, and I keep coming back to it. If I had to draw an illustration of someone talking to man with a pigs head it would look exactly like this.” [/quote]

-Rob Hill