[PROJECT] “La presenza dell’autore” – 1 by Emilio Barillaro 5 years ago


"La presenza dell'autore" - 1 - Street Photography


The idea for this project comes from a story that struck me strongly, the nanny Vivian Maier.
This amazing photographer often use to include herself, the author’s presence precisely, in her photos and this project is a tribute to her, wherever she is now.
In Street Photography the author is part of the scene, then why can not he also be an element of it? Why can not he takes his space in the frame? What can I invent to make it as personal as possible? This project is the answer to these questions.

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Emilio Barillaro

Street photographs are mirror images of society, displaying "unmanipulated" scenes, with usually unaware subjects.




    • December 14, 2012  8:08 pm by Emilio Barillaro

      Thanks a lot Rob! ;)

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