Welcome to the first street photography group project set on UPSP. The theme set in January 2014 was 'Together' and below you can see the top photos selected by the editors along with comments by the photographer.


Together_Father Son and Holy Ghost

Father, Son and Holy Ghost by

I started shooting street pictures late 2011 after discovering the Street Photography Now book. I was amazed at the diversity of contemporary street photography and I decided to put my lunchtime walks to more effect by seeking out candid (un-posed) moments.

When making un-posed pictures in public spaces, I generally tend to work in close proximity to subjects, the result of which I believe engages the viewer and draws them into a photograph, almost as if they had been there in the moment and in some way feel part of the photograph. I feel that emotional content with good composition is what makes a photograph sing and a little serendipity along the way is always welcome!

I am very much at the start of a journey which I hope will last a long time. The learning curve is very steep and I’m still trying to evaluate where I am going with my photography. To help, I am lucky in that I have met a bunch of like-minded photographers through flickr and we have a private group where we can discuss our photography and receive critique: this is very important and I trust their views implicitly. I have also met some other like-minded photographers in Edinburgh and we are currently working together on themes with a view to exhibiting our work.




never nuns by

The photography takes me closer to the people. It makes me feel better as a man and because it keeps me away from the worries of everyday life. I really enjoy doing it and meet so many other kind of people . I could go on forever…
I think that photography tells not only what is around you, but also the way I’m myself. In my opinion, photography shows the deepest part of us.
I believe that photography could be compared to write poems.
I love street photography more than any other kind. I could not do anything else. But my kind of street photography has a deeper meaning and it’s based on concepts. Technically I have a natural predisposition for a very clean and tidy composition. I like very much get in to the city streets and look in the crowd looking for what I have in mind and seize the moment, without a real plan, waiting the moment, to see before the scene, often with a idea.
I think it’s important love people, get along well with people, for street photography. Feel the time is right and predict it.



flashes of light

flashes of light by

I’m almost exclusively a street photographer, I have a lot of economic potential but I just need a “box with a hole” to feel the adrenaline running through my veins. I love the way!



Street Photography Versilia ©Salvatore Matarazzo

NT by

Street Photography Versilia is a Facebook project born in 2013 to tell about my town through the eyes of the people who live in.
I believe that faces and facial expressions are the better way to explain Versilias’s soul rather than sunsets on the beach or the skyline of mountains.
Everyday I try to tell the history of the place where I live with my photos through the streets, squares, markets or on the entrances of the stores.
The inspiration come to me in unexpected situations and I don’t know exactly how it happens. It could be one old man with his beloved woman or a girl taking around her dog.
I follow my instinct and every time I have different feelings.
What can impress me? Everything: the way of walking, a wrinkle on the face, an eccentric dress, etc …
I can find exceptional circumstances in normal life. This is the reason why my project is evolving and nowadays there are about 150 street photos on my portfolio but I don’t know when and how it will end.”

I’m a young professional photographer born and based in Viareggio, Tuscany.
My father conveyed me the passion for photography in childhood, and after some years I’ve stopped attending school to dedicate myself to Photography.
I’ve frequented several courses, stage and workshop to become a professional photographer. I’m specialized in interior photography but street photography is definitely my calling and the best way to express me skills and craft.
I’ve worked at a newspaper, photojournalism agencies and as freelance.



Nanaimo BC, 2011x930_cVictorAnthony

Nanaimo, British Columbia, 2011 by

This photograph was made in 2011 and submitted to the UP tumblr page. Rob subsequently asked me to upload it to the main UP page for the Together theme.

I am a self-taught photographer interested in the candid observation of my fellow humans on the the street and elsewhere. I began learning the craft in 1978 when a friend showed me how to process Tri-X and make prints in the darkroom. She also showed me the work of Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Frank and Elliot Erwitt. So then, I knew what I wanted to do and have been working towards that end ever since. I own a digital camera but 90% of my work is on film which I will continue to use as long as it’s available.




Untitled by

I am used to shooting for themes as I am regular contributor to the Street Photography Now Community (SPNC) where there are two-weekly instructions set by other photographers. I have been contributing to this project for around 2 years.

I particularly enjoyed this theme because it was clear and unambiguous. “Together”, as a theme, is open to wide interpretation and as street photographers one of the things that we do is to bring elements together, in a frame, to create interesting juxtapositions and pictures.

The other enjoyable part of shooting to a theme is viewing peers’ pictures to see what interpretations they have made and using the process to continually learn in an effort to make better pictures over time.


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