Jamie Furlong

Rob Hill

Matt Obrey

Urban Picnic Street Photography was founded in November 2012 as an online resource for street photographers to showcase their best work.

Urban Picnic Street Photography strives for excellence in street photography and is a high quality resource for street photographers and everyone interested in photography based on a street theme.


Editors and Guest Editors on Urban Picnic

Each month 2 or 3 guest editors will join the UPSP team to help curate submitted photos on UPSP.

The editors choose their favourite shots to become featured images.

At the end of the month the editors also pick their favourite photo from the month and say why.

The best submitted street photos are featured and promoted by the editors.



Matt Obrey, Jamie Furlong, Rob Hill, Tristan Parker


Guest Editors 2014

January: Christian Nilson

Guest Editors 2013

December: Peter Kool and Elena Maiorova

November: Francesca Fascione and Trevor Marczylo

October: Jonathan Taylor, Elena Maiorova, Ania Klosek and Shane Gray

September:  Fabio Costa, Emilio Barillaro and Vasco Leão

July:  Cristian Munteanu, Tatum Wulff and Tristan Parker

June:  Manu Mart, Baptiste Hauville and Tristan Parker

May:  Francesca Fascione, Tatsuo Suzuki


Collaboration Editors: Rob Hill, Tristan Parker





Street photographs are mirror images of society, displaying "unmanipulated" scenes, with usually unaware subjects.