January 2013


Cigarrette, man and two shadows by Manu Mart

A visual delight. This could work well in black and white but I like that Manu stuck with that deep, late-afternoon orange that provides a rich background to those strong shadows. The detail on the face, the absence of the second person, the three horizontals (one for each figure), this is a well-executed shot that stays with you, and is possibly one of my faves to date.”

-Jamie Furlong


Crucifix by John Goldsmith-small

Crucifix by John Goldsmith

John is a professional photographer, very well known for his striking, somewhat comical photographs, and this image is no exception. The image speaks for itself, while the grazed knee is the icing on the cake.”

-Matt Obrey


Rush Hour by Tatsuo Suzuki-small

Rush Hour by Tatsuo Suzuki

Tatsuo has an amazing way of capturing people, when you look at his photos you feel as though you can read the thoughts of the people he is taking. This photo captures a crowd scene almost as though the photographer had directed and posed them. Interesting for me how heads are bowed, no eye contact, no interaction and like many of his pictures I’m sure few are aware of the magic Tatsuo is creating.”

-Rob Hill

Rush hour in a packed railway station: a universally familiar scene acted out every Monday morning across the globe. The rhythm of the commuters pouring in from the left lead us nicely to the two central figures who reflect the sentiment of the rest of the crowd, all either still sleeping or engrossed in their own uncomfortable little hell. There’s so much feeling to this picture you can really breathe it.”

-Jamie Furlong


Street photographs are mirror images of society, displaying "unmanipulated" scenes, with usually unaware subjects.


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